How do you choose the best clasp for your project?

This is really about knowing what options you have out there. If you walk into a bead shop, or browse the 'findings' section of an online store, you will see there are so many different types of clasp.

So, which are best for the project you want to make?

Which clasp is best for a bracelet?

The answer to that is partly about knowing how the clasp works, and partly about personal preference.

For example, if you are making a bracelet, you want to be able to fasten it easily - possibly with one hand - and you want a clasp that won't come apart easily.

So, you might find a hook and eye clasp is easy to fasten. But this relies on gravity to keep it in place. So, as you're wearing your bracelet, you might find the clasp unfastens itself.

Conversely, a lobster clasp will stay fastened, but can you do that up easily using just one hand?

A magnetic clasp would tick both boxes: easy to fasten and stays fastened... But only if you have a good brand with a strong magnet. Magnetic clasps can also attach themselves to nearby pieces of metal. So, I've seen people lose bracelets to something like a shopping trolley in a supermarket!

Which clasp is best for the project you have in mind?

So, as you can see, there is no single 'right' answer. If you're making jewellery that you're going to wear, then the answer is simple: try out different options and find what works best for you.

If you're making jewellery for a friend, then try asking them if there is a particular style of clasp that they like to use. I know my Mum finds bolt rings easy to fasten, so I use those when I'm making necklaces for her.

And if you're making jewellery to sell, you'll want to factor in cost. So, look at all the options you have that will work, then pick whichever is going to cost least (without compromising on quality, of course!)

You can take a look at this article for more advice about how to choose a clasp:

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If you're confident that you know a lot about the different types of clasps available, then it's time to move on to discover some ways you can attach them.

If you didn't even know that you could get different types of clasp, then you're not alone. I was completely bemused by the choice when I first found myself trying to buy a clasp to make a necklace. So, you can use this link to learn about all the different clasps you could choose to use:

So, whenever you are ready, click on 'complete and continue' and we'll start the next section where I'm going to show a big range of techniques for attaching clasps professionally. I'll start by explaining which techniques I used for each of the projects in the video...and why I chose those techniques and clasps. Then, you can learn each technique in detail.

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