The danger of broken thread and lost clasps!

If you are just stitching a clasp onto your jewellery, you risk the thread wearing out and breaking over time. When this happens, your clasp may fall off. Or, worse still, your jewellery may fall apart. So, I'm about to look at two important tips to combat this common problem.

You may already have realised that some of the techniques I've outlined above will be better than others for dealing with this.

For example, using French wire will naturally afford some protection to your thread. So, this could be a better option than using a strand of beads to cover the thread.

But, we can do even better than that. So, what you're about to learn are two alternative ways of making sure your jewellery lasts a lifetime, regardless of the clasp you choose. These options are something you can apply to any of the individual techniques you've learned.

So, as you plan your jewellery project, think about the following:

  • Which clasp will be best?
  • Which technique is best for adding the clasp?
  • Which of these two options will you use to ensure your jewellery has a long life?

Hold onto that thought as you press 'complete and continue' to start learning these important tips.

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