Video Credits and Smallprint

The projects you just saw in the video are all designed by me and available as patterns from

  1. Rivoli Beaded Box:
  2. Storm Duo Necklace: Fire Design:
  3. Beaded Flower Earrings:
  4. Cupcake Beaded Box:
  5. Beaded Autumn Leaves Bracelet:
  6. Beaded Flamingo Necklace:
  7. Superduo Duets Peyote Necklace:
  8. Holly Bauble:
  9. Crescent Bead Spacer Bracelet:
  10. Spiral Waterfall Earrings:
  11. Peyote Stitch Flower:
  12. Duracoat Delica Necklace: Aslan:
  13. Floral Garland Bracelet:
  14. Christmas Star Ornament:

The music used on the video was a track called 'Buddies' from Bensound. Thank you to them!

The Smallprint

The material in this course represents the personal opinions of Katie Dean. It is correct to the best of her knowledge, but should be used as guidance only.

Katie cannot be held responsible for any damage to course users, or others, as a result of using information shared here. If you are planning to use this information in a way that may affect yourself or others, please also carry out your own verification.

The course and its material is for personal use only and is protected by UK copyright law.

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