How will this free class help you?

Who is this class for?

Absolutely anyone – no previous experience required

What materials do you need?

Whatever you have in your stash!

This class shows you how to read any flat Peyote pattern. So, it's up to you whether you also bead a project or not. If you already have a pattern chart that you're struggling to read, then you can use the class to help you, and then make the project from that chart.

I have included some pattern charts here, which you can make up if you wish. You would just need basic seed beads for doing that.

What will you learn?

  • How to follow a Peyote pattern chart for even count or odd count Peyote
  • How to write your own word chart from the pattern chart (if you prefer following word charts)
  • If you also want to learn how to read Peyote pattern charts for other forms of Peyote (e.g. tubular, warped squares, circular, etc.), you will need to enroll on the full class, which is available here:

How will you learn?

When does the class start?

Whenever you are ready!

Just enroll now and you can access the lessons any time. So, you can work in your own time, at your own pace, wherever you feel comfortable.

Trouble Shooting

If you have problems viewing any videos, or using any of the download links, it is most probably because of the browser you are using. So, please read this guide to fix the problem:

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