Materials List

Materials - Introduction

You can choose your own colours for this project, or follow mine exactly. I should explain, I was using a selection of chatons that I already had. But I only had a few in each colour, so that led me to create this multi-coloured version. You might want to do the same. Or, if you are buying all your materials, you could just work in a single colour.

I matched the (D) beads to each of my individual chatons. So, again, if you are using just one colour of crystal, you will only need one colour of (D) beads.

Detailed Materials List

Here is the full materials list, followed by the exact colours that I chose to use…

19g size 11 Delicas in your main colour (A)

5g size 11 Delicas in highlight colour (B)

2g size 15 seed beads in highlight colour (C)

5g size 11 Delicas in contrast colour to match the chatons (D)

Eleven 8mm Preciosa Chatons to match the (D) beads

Your choice of beading thread – I used 4lb Fireline

Note: if you wish to make this without using any Chatons (or equivalent), you can. Just leave out the Chatons and size 15 seed beads, but be aware that you may need a few extra Delicas in your main colour to compensate.


My Bead Colours

For my bead colours, I used a combination of four different colours of chatons, because I was working from beads I had in this Preciosa sample box:

So, I ended up using

·       three Chatons in Starlight gold. I used Delica DB1135 for the (D) beads with those Chatons

·       three Chatons in Light Amethyst. I used Delica DB72 for the (D) beads with those Chatons

·       three Chatons in Amethyst. I used Delica DB611 for the (D) beads with those Chatons

·       two Chatons in Fuchsia. I used Delica DB902 for the (D) beads with those Chatons

Then, for the main colour, I used DB1535 (Opaque Pink Champagne Ceylon). For the highlight colour I used black, DB10 and then a black matte size 15 seed bead.

When I made the lid, I stitched my five triangles, so I had one in each of the four (D) bead colours and a fifth in the main colour. I used the same highlight beads as on the box base.

More Colour Options

So, you might choose to do something similar. I found that by using four different colours for my Chatons, I was able to position them so that every Pentagon was placed next to different colours.

You could use more different colours…anything up to 11 will work! Or, you might prefer to use fewer.

If you are using a lot of different colours for your Chatons, that gives you the opportunity to use up small amounts of Delicas from your existing stash. You need less than 1g for the (D) beads in each Pentagon.

If you are at all interested in quilting, then you can think of this rather like a patchwork quilt design!

In terms of colouring, you can ‘play safe’ by sticking to different shades in a single colour. Or go wild and add as many different colours as you like.

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