What will you learn in this class and how does it work?

Who is this class for?

Absolutely anyone – no previous experience required

What materials do you need?

  • Size 11/0 Delicas OR Size 11/0 AIKOs
  • Your favourite beading thread

What will you learn?

  • Warped squares technique
  • How to make a star
  • How to read a Peyote star tutorial
  • How to read a pattern chart if you haven’t been given a word chart
  • 3 Peyote star tutorials included as downloadable PDF files

How will you learn?

  • Video demonstrations of the techniques
  • Downloadable PDF tutorials with diagrams to show thread paths
  • Ask me for help if you get stuck, and receive personal tuition to sort out your issue

When does the class start?

Whenever you are ready!

Just enrol now and you can access the lessons any time. So, you can work in your own time, at your own pace, wherever you feel comfortable.

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