Tools and Materials

If you are following the project pattern, that gives you the materials you will need to make those little boxes.

If you are just using the videos to learn techniques, I suggest you use size 8 seed beads as the slightly larger size will help as you are learning.


You probably already have size 8 seed beads in your stash, but in case you need to purchase any, let me give you a couple of links to save you hunting around the internet!

You can use this link if you like to purchase beads in the USA.

If you prefer to purchase beads in the EU, then you can use this link.


I strongly recommend you use Fireline. By doing this, you can use one continuous length of thread (use this technique for joining new threads:

You can use that technique on Durathread – I did try a little with that – but I found it thicker. So, just be aware – with the CRAW you will be making a lot of thread passes through each bead. So, you need to use a thinner beading thread to allow room for that. DO NOT be tempted to upgrade to 6lb Fireline for example – you will struggle!

The reason I’m suggesting you use the continuous thread is to make life simpler. If you weave threads in and start new ones, you’ll hit a couple of problems:

  1. The thread you weave in will fill up bead holes and you may struggle to add to your work later on
  2. Each time you pause to switch thread, it’s easy to lose your place in the cube on which you’re working. So, the pause of changing thread may disrupt your flow and lead to unnecessary confusion


You just need a beading needle, scissors and (for joining thread) a thread burner or lighter.

I usually use a size 10 beading needle, but I like to keep a size 13 handy, just in case I find myself struggling to get through the beads. It can then help to switch to the finer needle.

Later in the course, I've given you a few extra tips about beading needles and choosing something to help you if you find yourself in any tricky spots.

Then, of course, you will want your favourite beading mat, possibly a light and magnifier if you usually use those.

That should get you set up to bead!