Choosing the best materials for your style and budget

I am going to give you the full list of materials that I used to make my Precious Jewels box. BUT, you don't have to do the same as me.

You have a lot of different options for altering things to suit your taste in colour or suit your budget.

So, I have created a file that you can download and print out. You'll find the download link immediately under this section of text.

(Just click on the link, then follow the instructions on your computer to download and open or save the PDF file).

Now, if you are reeling in shock at the list of beads I used, don't have plenty of options to suit your budget and colour preferences.

I've listed the materials that came from the 'Romantic' Preciosa Crystals and Pearls box. But you can easily change things up in a lot of different ways. So, let me explain how to do that.

You might want to print out a copy of your materials list so you can make notes on it as you are watching the video (but that's entirely optional).

If you have trouble getting the video to play, please use this link to sort out the problem: Common Technical Issues Troubleshooting – Teachable

Quick Recap

In case you missed anything in the video, let me recap on your materials options...

Preciosa Boxes

You can follow my embellishment exactly by getting one of these Preciosa crystal boxes. Pick the colouring that is best for you. Follow this link to view the boxes.

Buy individual packs of Rivolis/Chatons/Pearls

You can just purchase the individual Preciosa beads I have listed. You can follow this link to find all of them.

If you are working to a tight budget, then focus on the total quantity you need in a size, and buy packs to give you that quantity. That will save you versus buying packs in all the different colours, when you may only need one bead from the pack.

For example, if I listed 1x 8mm chaton in light amethyst, 1x 8mm chaton in amethyst, 1x 8mm chaton in crystal starlight, 1x 8mm chaton in fuchsia, that is a total of four chatons. If you buy each of those colours, you will be buying packs of four beads, so you'll have a lot of beads left over. Instead, you could buy a single pack in just one of the colours. That will give you the four beads that you need, and with no waste!

Use Rivolis/Chatons/Pearls that you already have in your stash

If you already have your own Rivolis or chatons, you may prefer to use those.

Bicone beads

You can omit the bicone beads completely.

Or, if you are planning to use them, you can save money by purchasing larger packs in a single colour, instead of using lots of mixed colours.

Delica bead options

You can also omit the pattern design from the side of your box. If you do this, you will just need one 50g bag of Delica beads in your chosen main colour.

If you have a question about this section of the project, please leave a comment below. Remember, all comments are moderated before they appear. So, please be patient while you wait for me to do this and to answer your question.

If your question is about something that has gone wrong with your beadwork, then please add a photo of your work so that I can see what you are doing and offer some help. Thank you.