Materials for your project

As you've just seen, this project is comprised of seven boxes joined together. I chose to make mine using size 10/0 Delicas because I find this size is easier to work with.

But, if you wish to use size 11/0 this project will work fine. Just be aware that some of the structure can be a little more tricky to put in place with the smaller beads. So, I don't necessarily recommend using smaller beads unless you are a very confident and experienced beader.

A Brief Note On Colouring

I haven't given you all the exact colours that I used for mine. But I will take you through the basic idea, and make some suggestions you can try.

My project was inspired by the colour wheel. So, my six points (the six triangle boxes) are each made in one of the primary or secondary colours. (For anyone who doesn't know their colour theory, the primary colours are red, yellow and blue. Secondary colours are orange, purple and green). For each box, I used a dark and a light shade of my chosen colour.

Then, with all this riot of colour around the edges, I needed something neutral to pull everything together in the middle. So, I went for the two extremes of the neutrals - black and white. (Although, I actually used silver instead of pure white).

Now, you might want to adopt a similar scheme. So, you could choose your own shades of the 6 primary and secondary colours. Or, you might want to pick a different set of colours.

You could also choose to make everything in just two or three colours. So, each of your triangles, and the central section would end up looking identical. This will create a 'tamer' and more cohesive look to your design.

I'm inviting people to post images of what they are creating, in the final section. So, you can also preview that for a few ideas, or inspiration, before you choose your own colouring.

Materials and Tools

Bearing all that in mind, here are the materials you will need:

For EACH triangle box (so, there are six in total), you will need:

  • 10g size 10/0 Delicas in your main colour (i.e. 60g in total)
  • 12g size 10/0 Delicas in your contrast colour (i.e. 72g in total)

Then, for the central section, you will need:

  • 30g size 10/0 Delicas in colour 1 (black in my case)
  • 27g size 10/0 Delicas in colour 2 (silver in my case)

You will also need your favourite beading thread. Make sure to use something that will give you good tension. My personal recommendation is Fireline (4lb or 6lb). But I know not everyone can get great tension with that thread. So, if you have something that works better for you, then feel free to use that.

If you want to use size 11/0 Delicas, then you will need about half the quantity in each bead colour. (So, that means 30g total and 36g total for the triangles, plus 15g total and 14g total for the central section).

Depending on what beads you have in your stash, and which size you choose to use, this may determine how you choose your colouring. For example, if you have a lot of different beads of your chosen type already, then you may have enough to use a lot of different colours. If you are needing to buy everything, then it might be better to choose just two colours and buy wholesale packs in those two colours, instead of trying to get a lot of packs of different colours. I just throw that out there as a thought for you to consider!

In terms of tools, you just need a beading needle (size 10 is fine for most of the project, but I did also use a finer size 13 for some parts) and scissors. Plus, your beading mat, and any lighting or magnifiers that you would normally use.