Tools and Materials for this Project

I'm sure you want to know what tools and materials you will need before you commit to this project.

So, here is the basic list:

Materials (per beaded bead)

45 Superduos in accent colour (A)

24 size 11 seed beads to match your (A) beads (B)

27 Superduos in contrast colour (C)

Your choice of beading thread – use something that will give you good tension and is coloured to tone with, or match, your (A) beads



Beading needle – size 10 is fine

Scissors or thread burner


Your (A) beads will form the edges of your beaded bead. I have talked more about choosing bead colours in the section beneath the videos, in the online class. So, you might like to enrol and view that before you choose your actual beads. You will see, this is a great project for using up odd leftover beads, as I explain in that section.

Each beaded bead measures about 1.25" in length.

Note: there are about 13 Superduos in 1g. This is approximate - the exact number will vary according to the bead colour and finish. But hopefully that gives you a rough idea if you are wanting to buy beads for this.

If you wish to make the necklace shown, you will also need the following materials:

  • Beadalon beading wire
  • Clasp of your choice
  • Two 6mm split rings, or closed rings
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 4mm round beads to use as spacers
  • 2 crimp covers (optional)

You will be using wire cutters, crimping pliers and flat nosed pliers to make the necklace.

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