What is Advanced Cubic Right Angle Weave?

I want to start by throwing an idea out there...

In any beading technique, 'advanced level' means that you have an in-depth understanding of the basic technique. So, you are then able to use this to problem-solve. Basically, that should mean you're not having to ask others for help, but you have acquired enough knowledge and you are able to apply it to get yourself through any beading project, possibly also to develop the technique in new ways.

So, if you are embarking on this course, I'm assuming that you have already taken my other CRAW courses. This means you will have learned the basic technique. You will be able to use it to build both flat and dimensional shapes and you should be very comfortable with the thread path.

Here, I want to teach you how to start adding colours and pattern to CRAW. We're going to be working on two tricky shapes: cubes and spheres. So, I will also be showing you a few tricks for dealing with this kind of dimensional work.

But, as this is an advanced level course, I'm also going to be asking you to explore on your own. So, I will be showing you some basics, then inviting you to take those 'rules' and work out how to bend them, break them, and develop them as you work on the projects included in the course material.

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