What is included in the course?

I've created two little projects for you to use as you learn. The first is a cube, which incorporates pattern with different coloured beads.

This may sound simple, but because of the 3D structure of each little cube, you have choices. You can create multi-coloured cubes. So, that would give you different colours on different faces.

Working out how to add your coloured beads in the right order to create the effect you want, can be quite a challenge. So, you're going to be using this cube to explore the 'rules' around colouring in 3D.

Then, I have a little spherical shaped object. The point of this is to help you understand how to build layers upon layers and create more complex structures.

You will find the technique isn't the challenge here...getting your needle through the beads is the tricky part. So, I'm going to be sharing some ways in which you can legitimately 'break the rules' in order to make this type of CRAW achievable.

That should provide you with a springboard from which you can explore further and find your own methods of working around tricky CRAW areas in any project.

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