I am giving you the complete materials list below. But please also watch the video. That includes more details about the shaped seed beads and lots of tips on how to use them successfully. So, you might even want to refer back to that when you start work on your dish.

If you have trouble getting the video to play, please use this link: Common Technical Issues Troubleshooting – Teachable


100 Paisley Duo beads (A)

60 Bridge beads (B)

160 4mm pearls or 4mm firepolish (C)

16g size 11 Miyuki seed beads (D)

4lb fireline in crystal


Size 10 beading needle

Scissors or thread cutter


You are welcome (in fact, encouraged!) to choose your own bead colours for this project.

In case you do want to use the same as me, here are my choices...

For the lighter bowl:

A - Tutti Frutti Carambola

B - Krystal grey rainbow

C - Champagne

D - light topaz matte AB (0132FRV)

For the dark bowl:

A - Jet

B - Krystal grey rainbow

C - 4mm firepolish in black AB

D - gunmetal

You can find all these beads by clicking this link to take you to this bead shop

In the video, I also mentioned that you can substitute the Paisley Duos with ZoliDuo beads. However, the ZoilDuos have a 'right' and a 'left'. So, you would need 65 'right' and 35 'left' in your chosen colour.

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