Ideas for sweets and candies to fill your dish

Now, in case you need them, I have a few ideas for (beaded) sweets and candies that you could use to fill your dish.

In the introductory video, you saw two different types of sweets in my black dish - chocolate truffles, and mint humbugs. So, if you liked the look of those, here is where you can find the patterns...

The pattern for chocolate truffles is at this link:

The pattern for mint humbugs is at this link:

You might like to try making some of these 'Brach's Peppermints'. Although I turned mine into a bracelet, these would look great in your dish. So, you can find the pattern here:

Or, for another traditional sweet, how about liquorice allsorts? Again, even though I chose to string mine on a bracelet, you can certainly make a collection to showcase in your candy dish. So, if you would like to try these, you can find the pattern at this link:

So, that gives you a few ideas to start on. You can find more beaded food projects on the Beadflowers website:

And, you should also check out my Etsy store. In fact, if you live in the EU, you will need to purchase through Etsy rather than through Beadflowers. So, here is the link to the shop:

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