Materials for your project

I deliberately chose to use size 10/0 Delicas for this triangle beaded box, because it is a lot easier to see what you are doing with the bigger beads. However, if you really wish to use size 11/0 Delicas, the project will still work.

You are going to need two colours of beads. I designed things this way because I have used the colouring to help you understand the box techniques.

So, please choose two shades, or colours, that contrast well. It is important that you are able to see what you're doing (at least for the first box you make).

You will notice that I made each of my boxes using two different shades of the same colour. So, I used the darker shade as my 'main' colour and the lighter shade as my 'contrast' colour.

You need:

  • 10g size 10/0 Delicas in main colour
  • 12g size 10/0 Delicas in contrast colour

If you are choosing to work with size 11/0 delicas, then you will need about half the quantity in each colour, i.e. 5g in main colour and 6g in contrast colour.

Then, you just need your favourite beading thread. Choose a thread that will allow you to get good tension as you work. My personal preference is Fireline. But if you have another brand that you prefer, and which gives good tension, you are welcome to use that.

Use a beading needle (size 10 is fine) and scissors or thread cutters. Remember your beading mat, and don't forget any magnifiers or daylight lamp if you normally use these.

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