What materials do you need?

You simply need seed beads for these projects.

I have chosen to use size 8 so you can see things more clearly. You might also want to use this size as you learn. If you prefer to work with size 11 seed beads, that's fine.

The size 8 beads will give you a beaded bead that measures about 1" (2.5cm) in each direction. If you scale down to size 11 beads, your beaded bead will be just over half the size. You might like to make a necklace combining beaded beads in both sizes.

You will see in the videos that I've switched colour for each new row. This was to make it clearer as you're learning. So, you might want a range of colours to allow you to do the same. Or, you can work with just one colour if you prefer. Try to stick to the same brand of bead for all your colours.

Again, I am assuming you have already completed my other CRAW courses. So, my usual recommendations for using Fireline so you can work with a continuous thread, still apply. (If this is puzzling you, check out the free CRAW beginners course to find out more.)

So, just grab your beads and we're all set to go!

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