Course Details

This course is a bundled collection of three individual courses. Between them, they teach the techniques you will be using to make the 'Katie's Kube' Beaded Box project. The course DOES NOT include the project tutorial - that is available separately, from my website or Etsy store at the following links:

Link to tutorial on Beadflowers website:

Link to tutorial on Etsy:

Here, you are getting 3 smaller courses that focus on teaching techniques. So, you will learn:

  • How to add rows to create a flat CRAW structure
  • How to add walls to create a box
  • How to add a roof to turn your box into a cube
  • How to add colouring
  • Tips and tricks for dealing with tight spots in a complex CRAW structure

These are the skills and techniques that you will need in order to complete 'Katie's Kube'. By purchasing this course bundle, you will save some money.

However, if you already have some of these skills, you might prefer to just purchase the individual courses you would need to gain the skills you are currently missing. I have marked which courses apply to which sections of the pattern, in the tutorial.

So, before you purchase this course, please get your copy of the tutorial and have a read through. Then, you can decide where (if anywhere) you need the additional help.

In each of the courses you are buying here, you will see the techniques demonstrated in detail, on video. I have also included small projects that you can use to perfect the techniques. So, you might want to use those, or you might want to just work on the main beaded box project.

If you use these courses, you will also be able to ask me for additional help, to which you wouldn't have access from the PDF tutorial alone.

The skills you are learning here are also applicable to a wide range of other projects. So, this is all useful beading experience that goes beyond the Katie's Kube project.

In fact, even if you have no interest in the actual project, you can still purchase this online course and save money versus buying each of the individual courses.

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