How to use this tutorial

I imagine your final question, before you enrol, will be: how does this work?

Basically, in the next section, you will get a PDF tutorial that you can download. So, you can print this out, or work from the screen. It includes full written instructions, plus a guide to the colouring I used on my boxes.

In the next sections you will get the videos to use alongside your tutorial. So, as you work through the written instructions, they will direct you to videos to view to watch the demonstrations.

In each section you can leave comments. So, if you get stuck, you can use this facility to ask me a question. Other students on the course can also see and reply to your comments. So, you are welcome to interact with one another.

Comments are moderated before they appear on the site. So, you will need to wait for that to happen. You will also need to be patient whilst waiting for me to answer questions. I can only moderate and respond to questions and comments during my office hours, when I am on the computer. So, if you face a delay, it probably means I am asleep, or carrying out other activities to look after my health. But I will get back to you, I promise!

So, that should give you all you need before you start. Next step for you is to click on the 'enrol' button and begin creating your own beautiful beaded box...happy beading!

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