What Materials Will You Need?

I will give you a comprehensive materials list, including colour codes, once you are enrolled on the course. But, naturally, you will want some idea of what this project requires before you commit to it.

So, you will be using size 11 Delicas (this will also work with other brands of Cylinder beads, e.g. TOHO AIKO). The box requires about 30g in total.

I have created a couple of different designs from which you can choose. You can also develop your own. So, if you have a stash of Delicas, you may not need to purchase anything new here. You can discover different colour combinations that will allow you to use up quantities that you already own.

The only other bead you require is a round 8mm bead. Now, this could be a pearl. Or, you might choose a Firepolish or Faceted bead. You might like to try a Crystal. If you have them, you can also use a Dobble Bead.

Again, this is about using up items from your stash.

You will be working with beading thread of your choice.

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