How Does This Online Tutorial Work?

As you start, I have given you a PDF to download. This gives you full written instructions, accompanied by diagrams and photos.

Then, you will see, I have also created video demonstrations showing the techniques. I have referenced these in the PDF. So, whenever a technique is demonstrated on video, you will also see directions as to what to watch.

If you are experienced, you might not feel the need to use the videos. However, I have included extra little pieces of advice and tips in them. So, you may still find them helpful.

If these techniques are new to you, then the videos will provide essential viewing. So, you will be able to see the technique demonstrated, allowing you to learn and follow easily.

At the end of each section, or video, you will see a comments box. If you get stuck, you can leave a comment, asking a question. If you are struggling with a section, I suggest you also add a photo of your work. I will then be able to see where you are going wrong and advise you how to correct it.

So, really, this is exactly like a 'proper' workshop. The only difference is, you get to work at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

So, once you have enrolled on the course, please bookmark the curriculum page. You can then return to it whenever you wish to bead.

For a competent, reasonably fast beader, this project can take about 12 hours to make. So, it's not something you will complete in a single sitting, but you might complete it in a weekend devoted to beading.

If you have any questions before you enrol, please leave a comment below. Please note: comments are moderated before they appear online. So, if you do not see your comment immediately, it is just in the queue for moderation. I will get through them as swiftly as possible. The same applies to comments left during the course.

Naturally, you can also talk to other students using the comments. So, if you are able to help one another out, or just want to compare notes, I encourage you to do this...just as in a real class.

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