Choosing your perfect colour scheme

Now, I know that colouring can be very personal. So, you may love my colour choices, or you may not.

If you do like my colouring, then I have detailed the exact Delica colour codes that I used in the materials list.

If you don't like my colouring, than how can you change things to suit your taste? Or maybe to suit your bead stash?

You only need size 11/0 Delicas for this project. So, if you already have plenty in your stash, you might not want/need to buy more.

How to create your own colour scheme

The first step is to decide on the type of mood you want and to think about what kind of colours will capture that. So, for me, this project is all about positive messages: love, forgiveness, gratitude. I felt that pink hues were a good expression of that.

If you're not a 'pink' person, that's ok. Maybe there is another colour that feels 'good' to you. Or, simply choose your favourite colour.

You're going to start by picking the main colour. That is the pink/orange shade that forms the outlines around the sides of the boxes. This will be the colour you use for your (A) beads.

Next, you need to find a background colour. This could be a lighter shade of your main colour. Or you could pick a neutral colour. Bear in mind that your messages and motifs will be 'written' over this colour. So, you need something that will allow other beads to show up. This colour will be for your (B) beads.

Based on what you chose for your background colour, the next choice is the colour of your writing. So, if you have a light background colour, you will want a dark shade for your writing. You could pick a dark shade of your main colour (e.g. if your main colour is blue, use a navy bead for the writing). Or, you could just default to black.

If your background colour is a dark neutral colour, then you will need a light colour for your writing. For example, if you chose black for the background, you could use white or cream beads for the writing.

Finally, you have a combination of colours that you will use for the flower bouquets, hearts and motifs on the boxes. You might choose to keep these 'realistic'. So, for example, that could mean using pink or red for the hearts. Alternatively, you might choose colours that reflect your main colour. So, you could find different shades of blue (if that's your main colour) for the flowers and maybe try silver or gold hearts. Or, maybe you just use a random mix of colours - this is a great way of using up the odd leftovers you get in a tube.

The main 'challenge' is to make sure that your background colour will allow the box decoration to take centre stage.

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