Even Count Peyote Stitch - Written Instructions

Now, there was a lot of information in that video. You are welcome to watch it as many times as you wish, but sometimes, it is easier to slow things down and work from some written instructions.

Often, it takes a combination of learning tools to make sense of something new. So, in the following PDF, I have explained how to work in even count Peyote stitch, using descriptions and diagrams to guide you through.

If you want to download a copy of this PDF, to print out and use away from your computer, then please follow this link:


That will take you to the free tutorial on my Beadflowers website. You will see that you have the option of downloading it for free, or making a small donation to support me, the designer. Please do whichever feels 'right' for you. But if you do decide to donate, you are helping to allow me to maintain a steady income, so I am able to create more tutorials, like this, to share for free. Ultimately, this helps everyone increase their knowledge and enjoyment of beads. So, thank you.

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