The beads you will need

In this video, I introduce you to the beads you will be using for this project. They are a specific type of seed bead, called a cylinder bead. The cylinder bead brand you are going to use is called a Delica and is manufactured by the Miyuki company in Japan.

I have also shown you another option: basic round seed beads. These will not work as well, but they are still useable for this project. I'll explain why in the video.

In this blog, I write a little more about basic seed beads and you can see some more examples and find out more about the number sizing that I spoke about:

In this blog, I've explained a little about the different types of finish you will find on seed beads:

This blog shows you why the brand of seed bead you choose is important and why you should try to use the exact beads recommended in your pattern/tutorial materials list:

As promised, this photo may help you to see the difference between the 'round' seed beads (left) and cylinder beads (right)

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