Shopping list for the projects

I am going to give you two separate shopping lists here. Below each list, you can click on the orange link to download a copy of the list. This might be handy to print out and take with you as you go shopping.

Anyway, let's get back to those two lists...

  1. The first covers a basic bead selection, plus your tools, for learning even count Peyote. This will cover you for the first (free) section of this class.
  2. The second is the list of beads you will need if you are going on to make the Joker playing card project. You will already have the tools from the first shopping list.

Then, after that, I will give you a list of suppliers that you can try. I am based in the UK, so I have a range of great beading shops in this country which I can recommend.

I have links with a bead shop in the USA, so I will recommend that for you. That company also has a European arm, so I'll give you that link too.

Beyond that, I will link you to a beading directory in which you can look for other shops in other parts of the world. So, that should get you set up with the bits and pieces you need for this project and for more beading to come.

Shopping List 1.pdf
Shopping List 2.pdf

Now, you have your shopping lists, here are a few suggestions of shops that you can try... (they all sell online and will ship worldwide)

UK Beading Shops

Charisma beads:

CJ Beaders:

GJ Beads:

Spoilt Rotten Beads:

US Beading Shop

Potomac Beads:

EU Beading Shop

Potomac Beads EU:

Now, there are tons of other beading shops throughout all these countries and the rest of the world. If you happen to be lucky enough to live near a shop, then it's great to go in and browse the beads in person.

I have just picked out this handful of shops because they are all places that I used regularly.

If you want to browse for more beading shops, I have a beading directory on My World of Beads website. So, you can check that out here:

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