Just to re-cap everything I mentioned in the video above...


Size 11 Delica beads (or size 11 AIKO beads). You must NOT use rounded seed beads for this project - they won't allow you to get a good structure for the lantern. So, please make sure you stick to the cylinder beads. You can find out more in this blog:

Your favourite beading thread to use for the lantern base, lip, lid, hanging loop and frames. My personal recommendation is 4lb Fireline. But if you have another thread that you prefer, you may try that. You can find out more about beading thread types here:

Clear thread to work the 'glass' picture section of the lantern. Two brands I have tried are:

In the video, I mentioned a blog post explaining about the best thread to use when you are working with transparent beads. So, here is the link to that blog:


  • Size 10 beading needle should be fine, but you may want to keep a finer needle (e.g. size 13) on hand in case you hit any tight spots
  • Beading scissors or thread cutters or thread burner
  • Beading mat or board
  • Optional: magnifier and daylight lamp to help as you work the 'glass' section


I didn't mention the tea lights as these lanterns should fit a standard size. That is: 3.4cm wide and 3.6cm high. The tea lights I used have a yellow-ish flickering flame, so they give a really realistic impression of an actual candle.

If you would like to use those exact same lights, this link will take you to them.

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