'Spooky Graveyard' Halloween lantern design

I initially created this design to use to run a competition. So, rather than show you a video as I would normally, I am giving you a selection of the best images from the entries I received.

As you will see, each person has put their own little spin on the design. So, you can get a few ideas for yourself. You will be able to use any colours you wish, add some ornamentation, and decide whether or not to add a hanging loop.

The image of the 'spooky graveyard' wraps right around the lantern, so it doesn't necessarily lend itself to frames, but you can add them if you wish.

If this is a design that you would like to make, it uses just crystal and black delicas for the side pattern. As you can see, you can keep to the black theme, or go a little wilder with colours for the lid and base sections.

You can find the pattern on the Beadflowers website at this link:


And, if you live in the EU, please send me an email to sort out ordering...don't forget to mention you are in the EU, so I know why you're making the request!

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