'Hanukkah' lantern design

Normally, when I introduce a lantern design, I would be showing you a short video and describing the features. But in this case, a lovely lady called Leah Herz has actually beaded and photographed my design. So, I don't have a lantern to film. What you see in the photo above is Leah's beautiful beading and her photos - thank you Leah!

But I can still tell you about the design and let you know the bead colours and requirements as usual.

Design Details

This design is one that runs right around the whole lantern. It features the 'Happy Hanukkah' wording on one half. Underneath that, you see a Hanukkah gift and two Dreidels.

The other half features the traditional Menorah.

I have chosen colours in the traditional blues, but of course, you are welcome to change the colouring if you wish.

This design does not need the frames.

As with all the designs, you have the option of including a hanging loop if you wish.

Bead List

19g size 11/0 Delicas in your main colour (DB216)

5g size 11/0 Delicas in your highlight colour (DB1137)

For the side pattern...

2280 size 11 Delicas in DB141, transparent – (this is just under 12g)

110 size 11 Delicas in DB1137, agate blue – (this is just under 1g)

375 size 11 Delicas in DB216, opaque cobalt blue luster – (this is just under 2g)

14 size 11 Delicas in DB734, opaque chocolate - (this is under 1g)

240 size 11 Delicas in DB1831, silver duracoat – (this is just over 1g)

103 size 11 Delicas in DB1537, light sky blue Ceylon - (this is just under 1g)

63 size 11 Delicas in DB710, transparent yellow – (this is under 1g)

27 size 11 Delicas in DB751, matte opaque yellow – (this is under 1g)

28 size 11 Delicas in DB1833, galvanized yellow duracoat - (this is under 1g)


If you want to add the hanging loop, you will need an additional 2g of Delicas in the colour of your choice

You can find this design at the following link on the Beadflowers website: https://beadflowers.co.uk/beads/online-beading-classes/hanukkah-beaded-lantern-side-pattern-chart/

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