'Stockings' Design

Bead List

19g size 11/0 Delicas in your main colour (I used DB162)

5g size 11/0 Delicas in your highlight colour (I used DB1135)

For the side pattern...

1733 size 11 Delicas in DB141, transparent (that's just under 8g)

68 size 11 Delicas in DB163, opaque green AB (that's less than 1g)

372 size 11 Delicas in DB162, opaque red AB (that's just under 2g)

314 size 11 Delicas in DB200, opaque white (that's just under 2g)

344 size 11 Delicas in DB1135, opaque avocado (that's just under 2g)

143 size 11 Delicas in DB1566, opaque avocado luster (that's just under 1g)

355 size 11 Delicas in DB654, opaque maroon (that's just under 2g)

40 size 11 Delicas in DB1535, opaque pink champagne Ceylon (that's less than 1g)

41 size 11 Delicas in DB42, silver-lined gold (that's less than 1g)

46 size 11 Delicas in DB1833, galvanized yellow gold duracoat (that's less than 1g)


If you want to add the hanging loop, you will need an additional 2g of Delicas in the colour of your choice

If you want to add the 'frames', you will need an additional 4g of Delicas in your main colour

If you want to decorate the lid as I did, this is completely free-form. I have made some suggestions in the pattern, but it's really up to you to decide how you do this. You can use some of the beads that you have used for the side pattern, or use other leftover beads. I completed all my decoration with delicas, but you could mix in any other kinds of beads you want. So, have fun and explore your creative side!

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