'Flamingos' lantern design

Bead List

19g size 11/0 Delicas in your main colour (I used DB1371)

5g size 11/0 Delicas in your highlight colour (I used DB10)

For the side pattern...

1482 size 11 Delicas in DB141, transparent – (this is about 5g)

414 size 11 Delicas in DB625, rose silver-lined alabaster – (this is just over 2g)

108 size 11 Delicas in DB1371, opaque carnation pink – (this is just under 1g)

156 size 11 Delicas in DB10, black - (this is just under 1g)

222 size 11 Delicas in DB169, opaque chartreuse AB – (this is just over 2g)

102 size 11 Delicas in DB163, opaque green AB – (this is under 1g)

216 size 11 Delicas in DB166, opaque turquoise green AB – (this is just over 1g)


If you want to add the hanging loop, you will need an additional 2g of Delicas in the colour of your choice

The frames will require an extra 4g of delicas in the highlight colour

You can find this design at the following link on the Beadflowers website: https://beadflowers.co.uk/beads/online-beading-classes/flamingo-beaded-lantern-side-pattern-chart/

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